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Attic Cleaning & Rubbish Removal

Rodent Exclusion & Animal Waste Removal

Raccoon Damages- Clean Up and Recovery

Attic Cleaning & Rubbish Removal

From old insulation to rodent activity, Climate Pro Insulators has been helping Tampa Bay Area & Central Florida homeowners clean and insulate their attics. Besides removing harmful contaminants, our dedicated service team will replace damaged insulation, block potential rodent entry points and install radiant barriers on roof rafters as part of our attic cleaning services.

Why should you clean and insulate your attic?

Save money on energy bills, Improve the air quality in your home. Regulate your home’s temperature. Improve your home acoustics. 

Our attic cleaning specialists will:

  • Remove droppings, feces, carcasses, and urine left behind from rodent activity
  • Clean damaged or old insulation with disinfectants designed to kill 99.9% of viruses, odors, and bacteria
  • Block rodent entry points
  • Replace insulation damaged by rodents, mold or water infiltration
  • Install radiant barrier on roof rafters

Whether you need a basic attic clean-up or a full attic make over, We can help! 

  • Cleaning up damaged or old insulation
  • Removing droppings, feces, carcases and urine left from rodent activity
  • Using hospital disinfectants to kill 99.9% of viruses, odors, and bacteria

Atticare guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations. We will remove any harmful contaminants and leave your attic clean, safe and energy efficient. CONTACT US  today to schedule a free inspection! 407-545-9371

Rodent Exclusion & Animal Waste Removal

Signs you have rodents in the attic

Have unwanted rodents made themselves at home in your attic or crawlspace? For more than a decade Climate Pro Insulators has been helping homeowners and businesses to get rid of rodents for good. Our 4 step solution will ensure a clean, safe and rodent free home.  

Call us if you:

  • Hear noises above your head in the attic or below your feet in the crawlspace.
  • Smell a strange odor.
  • Find rodent evidence in your attic 

Our trained team at Climate Pro Insulators can safely remove animal droppings and carcasses then clean and sanitize the infested area. Our rodent proofing process has been proven over the years to be very effective in keeping pests out of your residence for good. Once our rodents exclusion service is complete, it will be as if you never had a rodent issue in the first place.

Our vaccums run directly from the attic to an outdoor trailer or removal bag. This ensures your home does not get dirtied.

How Rodents Get In

Smaller rodents can make their way into your attic through holes less than one inch in diameter. Vents and chimney pipes are common spaces for rats and mice to get in while larger animals may actually chew or claw through weak points along the exterior of your home. Identifying rodent entry points is the first step in eliminating these pests for good.

Raccoon Damages- Clean Up and Recovery

Raccoons can cause massive mayhem in an attic environment. Not only can they destroy roofing, insulation, and other materials, they can also cause a biohazard due to the buildup of animal waste. If you require remediation for raccoon damage,we can help. Our professional attic cleanup services include the removal of animal waste, rodent proofing, thermal inspection, and insulation services. We offer a team of trained, licensed, and general liability insured experts to quickly and efficiently cleanup raccoon damages.

Raccoon Damage Cleanup and Recovery

Our raccoon damage remediation process begins with attic cleanup where we remove and vacuum animal waste. We can also install plywood and create a storage area for your belongings that will keep them off the floor. Next, we rodent proof by blocking entry points with metal mesh to prevent the raccoons from gaining future access to the attic. Envirocon spray is used to remove any lingering smells. We also offer thermal inspections which act as a valuable energy efficiency solution. Finally, we offer insulation services to reverse previous damage or to upgrade your existing insulation.

How to Prevent Raccoon Damage in the Future

If you don’t take the proper precautions, your home can once again fall victim to hazardous raccoons. You can help prevent these creatures from targeting your home by keeping garbage secured in trash cans and by cutting back trees six to eight feet away from your home to prevent access to your roof.

Raccoons can cause serious damage to your roof, attic, and other components of your home. If you suspect or know that raccoons have taken residency in your home, it’s crucial to quickly have them removed and your attic cleaned and disinfected. For more information about our services or to book a free inspection, contact Climate Pro Insulators today.

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